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Music Producer Alan Smyth has produced for Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and the Makers, 65 Days of Static, Richard Hawley, Long Blondes among others. He's based at 2fly Studios in Sheffield, UK


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One time for all time


The Manboy LP - Oliver Manning

Extra Lives


Age of Chance - Kisspower remix


Age of Chance - Kisspower remix


My Online Mixing Service is for all types of recordings - from full studio sessions that need to be mixed or remixed to home-based producers/musicians or anyone who would like a little extra help making their music stand out.

Three levels of service are offered (see Pick n Mix below) each of which involves a professional producer/engineer bringing out the best in your music and recordings to produce a finished product which will, meet your needs and your budget!

How does it work?

A free assessment of your source material analyses the audio and is designed to give you an understanding of what is and what isn’t possible for the end result.

You prepare each of your files ready for uploading as wavs/aiff 

44.1k/24bit, 48k/24bit, 96k/24bit

Each individual file or stem should start from bar 1 and last until the end of its actual track in one solid wav/aiff. For example:- Bass guitar audio track starts at bar1 but doesn't play anything until bar 5... then the file continues until the end of the song.

For stereo tracks or tracks that have already been prepared to your satisfaction (for example distorted drums or specific reverbs etc) please send the finished stem and also the individual tracks (clearly labelled) - for example:- Kick drum (clean) etc

Vocals - send a stem with all the vocal effects in place and a stem with no effects

Show and Tell

I also offer a 'show and tell' option where I will partially mix your tune for you to evaluate, you send me what you've done already, I will better it!

You can't lose!

Pick n Mix

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Your audio files are processed for good sonic balance and sound and then mixed (like a chef) to perfection! Or… at least made to ensure that what’s already there is as good as it can be.

Cost: from £25 · per track. Great for demo’s and promotion recordings



Includes the 'Razzle' service but adds creative and expressive elements (seasoning and piquance!) for example reverbs and delays etc. also includes level work, riding vocals etc, to suit the performance and also irons out any (er..) performance anomalies. This gives you a very professional sounding result.

Cost: £45 per track. Outstanding value for radio and vinyl ready mix



Includes 'Razzle' and 'Dazzle' service plus includes a studio console for audio summing, 3 high quality and varied monitoring speakers for more accurate decision making. Secret ingredients and full access the full 2fly studio and it’s kit. Present your music exactly as you’d like.

All the production values and options on offer are focussed on you the artist and this will give you the closest feeling to actually being there. A phone call or Skype is an alternative.

Cost: £75 per track. Ultimate high quality professional studio mix

Discounts can be discussed for multiple tracks – please contact direct via email below, telephone

+44 7725251010 or smoke signals!

The file delivery system: Sharefile



‘2fly is in many ways my musical and spiritual home. Without Alan and that studio there are so many of us , the Arctic Monkeys , Milburn, Hawley , Pulp to name but a few. Alan is the godfather of the Sheffield music scene. Still pumping out absolute top notch music without skanking bands in the process. I can not recommend him or Dave highly enough. They are sonic genuis' in an era when the G word is mostly overused. So many bands think it's ok to go to a mates place or do it on the cheap. My advice would be to go somewhere proper like 2fly and make records and demos that stand up to anything out there’


Jon McClure - Reverend and the Makers


‘When we started out, Alan was like Milburn’s fifth member.  That’s the thing with 2fly, you don’t just get great sounds but also great ideas and production from people who really know how to put a song together.’


Joe Carnell - Milburn



Professional recordings at a great price, the staff are extremely passionate and dedicated to making the best recordings possible.The equipment is top quality for any kind of recording and the digital software is the best on the market. I would recommend to anyone Looking to record whether its a serious album or just for fun. Five Stars.


Billy Washington - I Set the Sea on Fire



Always on point. Whether it be Alan or Dave engineering the music still comes out sounding smart. You'd be wrong not 2-FLY


Jay Kas



We have just finished recording our latest two songs with Alan Smyth at the helm, and can honestly say that its the most enjoyable and productive recording session that we've done to date. Superb results! A studio with top quality equipment and a relaxed yet professional approach to the recording experience. Alan is a pleasure to work with and his knowledge and expertise at the mixing desk are second to none. We highly recommend 2fly Studios to any musicians wanting to record their music in a professional and creative environment. We'll definitely be going back! Can't wait! Thanks again to Alan and 2fly Studios. :^)


Cooper Blood Band



Had an amazing time with our band! Alan's a really friendly guy and really helpful! He taught us a lot about our songs and writing music! The songs sound amazing recorded given we turned up wanting 8 songs in 8 hours! Throughly recommend it for anyone wanting to record!


Francis Edwards - The Bow Street Runners



Had a superb time at 2 Fly today, really friendly, honest and genuinely excellent staff who are true experts at their jobs. Great space, great equipment, everything you could need for a studio in a very knowledgeable environment. Thank you so much for a great day, I highly recommend.


Rory Manning - The Bow Street Runners

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